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(Indias Biggest Shivlinga made of Mercury)
Paradeshwar road, Paradeshwar Nagar, PARBHANI –431 401
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Sadhanadham Ashram, Paradeshwar Road,
Paradeshwar Nagar.Parbhani.

Parbhani is small town housing the district headquarters in Maharashtra state. In parbhani, a big temple of lord shiva is built and inaugurated by sri Swami Sachchidandji Saraswati, the Mahamandleshwar of Sadhanadhamashram at Parbhni. This temple is of 80 feet height and built of marble. In this complex, besides lord Shiva, recently statue of goddess annapurna has been established. This complex is spread over 4000 sq.meters of land. The shivlingem in this temple is made of Parad (Mercury). This shivlinga is first of its kind. This is the biggest Parad shivlinga in the world and is having 250 kg weight. Besides this being pious and beautiful place, it is place of a great miracle and pilgrimage in the town.
Parad (Mercury) is known by each and everybody. Though Parad is liquid, but it is considered as a metal. When Parad is transformed in solid form, its effect gets multiplied. From solid form of mercury (Parad) many eternal and spiritual powers emanate. In spiritualism it is very important to create and transform energy. This transformed energy is base to our body resistance and mental thoughts. Our human body can take advantage of these effects to awaken the hidden energy. Parad has been in use by Monks and Tantriks of all sects and religions all over the world across the ages.
According to Hindu mythology and philosophy Parad has derived its name from pa-Brahma, Ra-Vishnu, Da-Shiva, the trinity of universe. So the importance of Parad can neither be overlooked nor undersstimated. Besides the material gains, people get spiritual blessings from Parad shivlingam. This is scientifically proved that due to chemical reactions, in and around Parad, carbondi-oxide is absorbed and double amount of oxygen is released in this process. This helps air to become fresh, fragrant and healthy. Good waves of eternal power also emanate from it. That's why the internal atmosphere in the temple is serene and external surroundings of the complex gives feeling of freshness.
There are 12 ancients shivlingas in India according to our scriptures. These are called Jyotirlingas. This shivlingam made of Parad is called "Tejoling" and it is different than these jyotirlingas. This is superior to all the 12 jyotirlingas. Devotion to pardeshwar shivlinga can get devotees benefit of workship of all the 12 jyotirlingas as well as of pardeshwar. Besides spiritual and eternal blessing, devotees can be cured of physical and mental imbalances. They are sure to gain the material benefits like health, wealth and other worldly pleasures.
For spiritual benefits and fulfillment of worldly desires, devotees can undertake a special Vrat of pardeshwar for 40 days by following certain rules relating to japa, food, clothing and conduct etc. During these days devotees have to repeat mantra of Mritunjaya pardeshwar by chanting " Om Namoh pardeshwar". This Vrat and mantra will give you all the satisgaction in life and relieve miseries and pain. It will relieve you from physical, mental, and worldly problems, which disturb your daily life. That includes all sorts of problems; domestic,financial,physical, emotional, mental,spiritual etc. One is bound to be cured of mental as well as astral problems. This ultimately leads to happiness and joy. So all are invited to visit Pardeshwar in parbhani to get the divine bliss and pleasure.

May God Bless You All

Swami Sachchidanand Saraswati
( Founder )

Sadhanadham Asharam, Parbhni, (Maharashtra)
Shri Sachchidanand Dham, Haridwar, (U.P)
Shri Sachchidanand Sadhanaashram,Baroda,(Guj)

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